Can I use a BaoFeng as walkie talkie?

Can I use a BaoFeng as walkie talkie?

The first step in two-way wireless communication is to buy a cool walkie talkie like a Baofeng device. Since some models of Baofeng are high-end hybrid units, first-time models can be confusing.

The issue of how to link and using a BaoFeng as walkie talkie to other radio stations is popular among new people.

Fortunately, it is very simple. And this is a good thing because nobody wants a system that takes so much time to learn ropes.

You should be aware before we start, that you need a GMRS license to legally operate the Baofeng.

  1. Switch the Baofeng on. Switch on. If your model BaoFeng comes with the voice option, the voice of the system can confirm if you are in the ‘frequency’ or ‘channel’ mode.
  2. When the radio is triggered, make sure it moves regularly. To change it to frequency mode, press the upper left button of the organs.
  3. In the frequency mode, simply press the menu button and the ‘7’ numeric to lock the menu.
  4. Using the down arrow button and scroll to the power setting to select a transmitting power that does not contravene FCC policies for the use of walkie talkie forms without a licence.
  5. The Baofeng’s highest transmission power is 8 watts. The lowest of these is 1 Watt. Use the arrow in down side to turn it to low if the power setting is already high.
  6. When power is poor, press the menu button and then press the escape button next to the down arrow button on the right side of the unit.
  7. The next step is to decide which channel to transmit.
  8. Baofeng systemYou want to make sure that you chose to linked the Baofeng with an FRS radio because almost all web pages mention GMRS and FRS frequencies.
  9. After a channel has been selected, note / copy the frequency. Return to the Baofeng system still in the frequency mode and type the frequency with the number keypad.
  10. Switch the other walkie talkie on now. Choose the same Baofeng channel you programmed.
  11. You are finished when you pick the same channel. Both walkie speeches are now wired to the same frequency and can now talk.
  12. If you have keypads on the second radio you may also have to enter the frequency number to fit the frequency you have programmed in the Baofeng.