Is WAV better than FLAC?

Music depends on two things: the computer from which you listen, and the audio file quality. Today we go over the second and explain clearly how WAV vs FLAC file formats compare and vary. The emphasis would be to clarify why it is so difficult to choose one over the other. And why should you never decide without knowing what to choose?

Would you like to learn more about the differences and similarities among FLAC and WAV audio files? Then come and find out more.

What is FLAC?

audio filesFLAC really well compresses audio without impacting the sound quality and even delivers tiny files decently.

This format uses a special technique for compressing and reproducing the audio. The combination of excellent compression and replication offers one of the most effective listening methods for audio files.

And it works well either for physical storage including hard drives and flash drives or for cloud storage, for example streaming servers.

The biggest advantage of FLAC is both the consistency of the instruments and the crispness of the voices. You cannot find a FLAC file that ever distorts instrument sounds or voices that are distorted.

FLAC is the perfect format for those who are looking for an excellent way of compressing audio files.

What is WAV?

WAV Audio File Type completely uncompressed. The concept behind WAV was originally to store audio on computers. And it became the traditional way to do this.

It uses a great deal of space relative to other formats as an uncompressed audio file. But the advantage is that the standard is unaffected.

This ensures that WAV does little to minimise or get rid of. A WAV file is likely to be much bigger, but quieter and simpler.


Another enjoyable part of WAV is the capturing of both sounds and silences. This makes all files bigger, but also longer, so you will possibly find WAV files longer than others too.

WAV provides unchanged audio quality overall. However, this is at the cost of storage and capacity.

As you can see, difference between WAV and FLAC both give various considerations. However, we did not touch on the critical factors until making a final decision.

That is why we want to clarify every important aspect below so that you get a better understanding of what to do in the long term.

We do not, of course, want you to determine which is better, but rather to understand how much they vary and how you can differentiate between them.